1. Where this agreement is subject to the CPA, it shall not override or circumvent any rights afforded to a consumer therein.
  2. Stock sold on our website may come with manufacturer warranties which will vary according to the product and manufacturer.
  3. In some instances, NucleusTech, although not obligated to do so, may offer an additional warranty for a particular period. A product or device shall only be subject to such a warranty provided by NucleusTech where such warranty is explicitly disclosed and recorded and shall be on the terms communicated.
  4. Customers are urged to consider and familiarize themselves with the terms of any and all warranties provided in respect of any goods to firstly, understand the terms thereof, and second understand to who the claim should be submitted.
  5. Should a warranty be limited to a replacement or repair for example, no refund for such return will be processed.
  6. Should a product or device not be subject to an additional warranty by NucleusTech and only a manufacturer’s warranty, NucleusTech may assist in the returns/repair process, however, shall not be obligated to do so.
  7. All NucleusTech warranties in respect of components shall be limited, otherwise such components shall only have a manufacturer warranty (where applicable). This will be communicated to the customer.
  8. Any returns not covered by the CPA shall be on a Return to Base model. NucleusTech shall not be responsible for any delivery charges for the return of any goods to NucleusTech and such costs shall be for the account of the customer.
  9. NucleusTech shall not under any circumstances accept the return of any item that has visible physical damage. Should such items be delivered to NucleusTech, the customer shall attend to the collection of the items and NucleusTech shall not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of a customer’s failure to collect the necessary items once ordered to do so.
  10. The determination of what shall constitute customer induced damage for which a manufacturer’s warranty (in addition to NucleusTech’s warranty) is voided shall be made by the manufacturer authorized service centre, whose determination NucleusTech shall not interfere with.
  11. Any warranty provided by NucleusTech shall not apply to any defect in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, accident, negligence by the customer or any other party, use as otherwise recommended by NucleusTech, failure to follow NucleusTech’s instructions or any alteration or repair carried out without the approval of NucleusTech.
  12. Liquid Damage: Any Warranty claim received by NucleusTech where the damage has been determined to be Liquid damage (Water, soft Drink, Coffee, but not limited to), will be billed to the client. NucleusTech will not be held liable for any liquid damage whatsoever.
  13. No warranty claims shall be possible in respect of items that malfunction or become damaged as a result of lightning or electrical shortages.
  14. Dell Laptops: All Dell Laptops sold by NucleusTech come with a 12 month warranty from NucleusTech from the date of invoice of the product/s. In some cases a customer may also add an extension to the product warranty on purchase of the product/s. The total warranty duration will be included on the invoice provided.
  15. Microsoft Products: All Microsoft products purchased new from 17 November 2022 come with a 12 month warranty from NucleusTech from the date of invoice of the product/s. In the event of a warranty claim the Microsoft product must be returned to NucleusTech in the original box with the original cloth cover used to protect the machine inside the box, as originally shipped. If you do not have the original as above then NucleusTech will charge a penalty fee.
  16. Laptop Batteries: Batteries are considered a consumable item and are only covered for the first 2 weeks from date of purchase.
  17. Dead pixel policies are manufacturer specific and it is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize himself/herself/itself with the necessary policy from any manufacturer. NucleusTech does not provide any warranty in respect of dead pixels.
  18. Should a defect arise while under warranty or you have any other complaints about the product, you must notify NucleusTech in writing via the “Contact Us” section of the website, as soon as possible, but within 3 days of the date that the damage was discovered or ought to have been discovered. Failure to do so shall result in a presumption that the defect occurred at the time it is actually reported to NucleusTech.
  19. Should a product under warranty be discontinued or stock not be readily available, the manufacturer or service centre have a discretion and indicate a suitable replacement. NucleusTech cannot request a specific product unless the manufacturer or service centre agree thereto.
  20. Software is under no circumstances covered by any warranty on any product. This includes but is not limited to software faults/errors or data loss.
  21. All warranties are local ( based in South Africa). Any items purchased from NucleusTech and taken internationally will not be covered by an international warranty, unless specifically stated by the manufacturer. NucleusTech holds no liability for charges on the return of any such items outside of South African borders.

Customer service

For all customer service enquiries, please email us at sales@nucleustech.co.za

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